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Unleash the Fun: Pet-Friendly Adventures in Portland, Maine!

Hey there, fellow pet lovers! If you’re planning a getaway to Portland, Maine, with your furry friend, look no further for tail-wagging fun. At the Merry Manor Inn, we’re all about embracing pet-friendly experiences that will make your vacation memorable for both you and your four-legged companion. Get ready to explore the best of Portland with your pet by your side, from scenic hikes to refreshing beaches and everything in between!

Pet-Friendly Breweries

Allagash Brewing Company / Google

Portland is renowned for its craft beer scene, and your pup doesn’t have to miss out on the fun. Visit some of the city’s pet-friendly breweries like Allagash Brewing Company, where you can enjoy a cold one while your furry friend lounges by your side. It’s a win-win for beer enthusiasts and their loyal companions!

Hiking Adventures

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For those who love the great outdoors, Portland offers a range of pet-friendly hiking trails. Explore the beauty of nature at the Eastern Promenade Trail, where you and your pup can embark on a scenic adventure together. Remember to pack essentials like water, treats, and waste bags to keep your pet comfortable and the trail clean.

East End Beach

SnakeJazzDancer / Tripadvisor

Make a splash at East End Beach, a pet-friendly haven where your dog can frolic in the waves and dig in the sand. Let them unleash their inner water dog and bask in the sun while you soak in stunning ocean views. Don’t forget sunscreen for both you and your furry friend!

Casco Bay Lines

Casco Bay Lines / Instagram

Embark on a memorable journey with the Casco Bay Lines, where pets are welcome aboard cruises. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Maine coast as you cruise along the waterways with your pet by your side. It’s an experience you’ll cherish forever.

Portland Discovery Tours

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Explore Portland’s rich history and vibrant culture with your pet on Portland Discovery Land and Sea Tours. Discover hidden gems and iconic landmarks as you take in the sights and sounds of this charming city together.

The Fish & Bone

The Fish & Bone – Portland / Facebook

Give your pet the ultimate shopping spree at The Fish & Bone, a pet boutique that offers a wide range of pet essentials, toys, and treats. It’s a pet-friendly store that understands your furry friend’s needs, making it a must-visit spot for every pet parent.

Whether you’re sipping a cold one at a brewery, hiking through picturesque landscapes, or basking in the sun at the beach, Portland, Maine, has something special for every pet-loving traveler. At the Merry Manor Inn, we’re thrilled to welcome you and your pets to experience all the pet-friendly wonders this charming city has to offer. So pack your bags, leash up your buddy, and get ready for a vacation you’ll cherish forever.