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Portland’s Craft Beer Scene: Breweries, Tastings, and Beer Tours

Welcome to Portland, Maine, where the craft beer scene is as vibrant as the coastal scenery. Nestled in the heart of this beer lover’s paradise is the Merry Manor Inn, your gateway to exploring the plethora of breweries, beer tastings, and tours that Portland has to offer. Join us as we embark on a hop-filled journey through some of the city’s most popular destinations for beer enthusiasts.

Allagash Brewing Company

photo via Visit Portland

Start your beer adventure with a visit to the renowned Allagash Brewing Company, just a short drive from the Merry Manor Inn. Known for their Belgian-inspired brews, Allagash offers guided tours of their facility, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process. Be sure to sample their iconic Allagash White, a refreshing wheat beer with hints of citrus and spice.

Shipyard Brewing Company

photo via Shipyard

Head to the Shipyard Brewing Company, located in the historic Old Port district, for a taste of Portland’s brewing heritage. Take a guided tour of the brewery to learn about Shipyard’s brewing techniques and history, then indulge in a tasting flight featuring their diverse lineup of ales and lagers. Don’t miss their flagship beer, Shipyard Export Ale, a classic American pale ale with a crisp, malty flavor.

Rising Tide Brewing Company

photo via Maine Brewers’ Guild

Experience the creative spirit of Portland’s craft beer scene at Rising Tide Brewing Company, a local favorite known for their innovative brews. Stop by their tasting room to sample a rotating selection of small-batch beers, including hop-forward IPAs, rich stouts, and refreshing saisons. Be sure to try their flagship beer, Maine Island Trail Ale, a light and citrusy pale ale perfect for sipping on a sunny day.

Lone Pine Brewing Company

photo via Heather Shields Maine

Dive into the world of bold and flavorful beers at Lone Pine Brewing Company, located just a short hop from downtown Portland. Known for their innovative and hop-centric brews, Lone Pine offers a diverse lineup of IPAs, stouts, and sour ales that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Swing by their tasting room to sample fan favorites like Oh-J, a juicy New England-style IPA bursting with tropical fruit flavors, or Chaos Emeralds, a hazy double IPA with notes of citrus and candied mango.

Austin Street Brewery

photo via Facebook

Discover the charm of Austin Street Brewery, a cozy neighborhood brewery crafting small-batch beers with big flavors. Tucked away in Portland’s East Bayside district, Austin Street is a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts seeking unique and carefully crafted brews. Pull up a stool in their inviting taproom and enjoy a flight of their ever-changing lineup, featuring everything from crisp lagers to bold barrel-aged ales.

Geary Brewing Company

photo via Geary Brewing

Pay homage to Maine’s brewing legacy at Geary Brewing Company, New England’s oldest craft brewery located in the heart of Portland. With over three decades of brewing tradition, Geary’s offers a taste of history alongside their lineup of classic English-style ales and seasonal specialties. Step inside their historic brick building and savor a pint of Geary’s Pale Ale, a balanced and flavorful brew that’s been delighting beer lovers since 1986.

Bissell Brothers

photo via Maine Brewers’ Guild

Experience the cutting edge of craft beer at Bissell Brothers, a dynamic brewery pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation. Founded by two brothers, this Portland institution is known for its bold and experimental brews that showcase the finest hops and malts from around the world. Swing by their sleek and modern taproom in the Thompson’s Point neighborhood and sample their signature beers.

Beer Tours

photo via Facebook

For those looking to explore multiple breweries in one outing, consider joining a beer tour with companies like the Maine Brews Cruise. These guided tours offer a convenient and safe way to hop between breweries, with knowledgeable guides providing insight into Portland’s craft beer scene along the way. Sit back, relax, and let someone else handle the driving as you sample a variety of beers and soak in the city’s beer culture.

From the classic brews of Shipyard Brewing Company to the innovative creations of Rising Tide Brewing Company, Portland, Maine, has something to offer every beer enthusiast. And with the Merry Manor Inn as your home base, you’re perfectly positioned to explore the best that the city’s craft beer scene has to offer. So grab a pint, raise a toast to Portland’s brewing heritage, and let the beer adventure begin! Cheers!